Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Time

Halloween is only a few days away!! Hope y'all have your costumes ready. It's also time to pull out your pumpkin carving tools (mine are my kitchen knives) and get to carving. You've got to have your pumpkins all lit up for the little trick-or-treaters! Here are a few fun and different ideas from good ole Martha Stewart... First off, check out Martha's bag of tools....pretty intense! Your going to need them though, if you plan on doing some of the intricate carving that she has in mind.

You have to be a brain surgeon to carve these beauties!

Love these pumpkin votives!

How cute is this little owl family? It could be the Buzzell's...mama, papa and little Annie!

These pumpkins are a little more my speed. All you have to do is punch a bunch of holes in the pumpkin and then stick Christmas lights in each hole...pretty easy!

Happy Carving!!

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