Monday, October 12, 2009

Friends+Food+Flowers=Fabulous Shower

Last Thursday I hosted an Around the House Shower at my house for my oldest and dearest friend, Katie. It was a BLAST! It's kinda hard not to have a good time when you have all of your best friends, yummy food and beautiful flowers all under one roof. This beautiful platter was one of my favorite gifts that Katie received. She is getting married the weekend before Thanksgiving, so the platter was a perfect gift!
My good friend Ansley's mom did these AWESOME arrangements. They are so fun and whimsical...I just love them!

How cute are these cookies with Katie's soon-to-be monogram?! They are from Rhodes Bakery and were sooo yummy!
The bride's favorite food is cheese dip and anything Mexican, so we had Taqueira Del Sol cater.
The food was delicious! Above is a pic of the spread.

I'm in desperate need of artwork for my dining room, so to fill the empty wall space, we had a picture of Katie from her bachelorette party blown up. Hey, it's not fine art but it'll do :).

Anne Bolling Gaines and Mary Delia Poynter of Container Gardening of Atanta, LLC planted this beautiful orchid and the container with coral begonias and greenery on my dining room table. They also planted the containers by the front door and the beautiful flower beds on either side of the front steps and mailbox. They are SO talented and I could not be more happy with the BEAUTIFUL work they did!! I do not have a green thumb at all, so I need all the help I can get.

A sneak peak of the house with my new lanterns! Stay tuned tomorrow for the before and after post.

Check out Anne Bolling and Mary Delia's blog at and be sure to contact them for any of your gardening needs!


  1. Everything looks great!! Can't wait to see the outside of your house. Love those containers by your front door!!

  2. so glad y'all are enjoying the new containers and flower beds!! loved seeing the before to after pictures.
    in case anyone wants to see our blog (there was a teensy typo :)
    thank you mary allison!!!