Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Out With a Virus

I returned yesterday from Katie's wild and crazy bachelorette party at Folly Beach to find out that my computer has a virus, and a very bad one at that :(. It's with the geeks at the Geek Squad right now being cured and will hopefully be up and running tomorrow. I'm afraid they might just tell me I need a new one since mine is circa 2003. If they do, I would LOVE any computer recommendations y'all might have. I'm am so computer illiterate and need all the help I can get.
Hope everyone had a wonderful labor day weekend and has a great short week!!

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  1. I have a Mac Book and I love it, very user friendly. Although now that I have a big girl job and use a PC all day, I would probably get one for home. Alas, I have never owned a PC, so I would have no idea where to even start, much less give advice. So good luck!