Monday, September 28, 2009

Exterior Paint Colors

Decisions, we have been doing some work to the exterior of our house and now it's time to pick out the paint colors for the whole exterior, trim and shutters. Ahhh...this is such a HUGE decision and I'm having the hardest time picking out just the right color.

We've decided to paint the brick and I'm leaning towards a light, khakish color. I think the middle color, Sherwin Williams- Wool Skein, is the color we are going to go with. Think I'll stick with this color for the trim as well. Or should I go with a lighter color for the trim???
I've destroyed the shutter and spent over $50 dollars on paint samples and I'm still having the hardest time deciding on the shutter color!! So far the one on the bottom, Sherwin Williams-Hardware, is my favorite. It's a grayish, green, brown.
I love the color scheme of this house in Brookhaven. Sorry, this is a terrible pic!

Our lovely house BEFORE...if all goes as planned, I will have after pics to show by the end of this week! So far we've redone the front porch and repaved the driveway.
Please Help! I would love your thoughts, opinions, suggestions...I need all the help I can get.


  1. Mary Allison, it is going to be fabulous!!! I don't know if I should give any advice since I have had to repaint two houses because the exterior color wasn't just right. But I think either the bottom color or the middle darker color would be great!! Can't wait to see it!!

  2. OK. I like the color you chose for the brick color. My favorite shutter color is the darker on in the middle. It is warm and it has character.
    As for your front door?? I am dreaming of a sassy, National Geographic yellow... I would paint an even darker version of the shutter color I like around the front door wood frame. How about doing that on the window trim too? Hope I didn't scare you.

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