Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ikea Redo

We finally bit the bullet and went to Ikea on Saturday. I've had bad experiences with Ikea in the past, not with the products, just with how amazingly overwhelming the store is. It makes my anxiety level go through the roof, but it was a rainy day so we decided what the heck. I think everyone else in Atlanta was thinking the same thing, because it was packed and it was complete chaos. I was able to check out the products that I had selected for the breakfast room and now that I've seen some of them in person, I'd like to have a redo. I wasn't really diggin' the first light fixture that I selected in person, but I did like the Leran pendant lamp.

only $49.99

I did not love the prints that I selected and honestly wasn't too crazy about any of the other ones they had to offer. I did like the Ribba frames though. They come in lots of different sizes and 4 different finishes. I also was so NOT impressed with the fabric. The quality wasn't great and the repeat was huge. They did not list the repeat online, so I was very surprised to see how massive it was in person. Another reason why I hate buying things without seeing them first!!!

I've always heard that Ikea has awesome children's products and sure enough they did. We found this precious mini bistro table and cute!!!

Minnen Table and Chairs

We also got this fun Leka play mat. There were so many cute things for the kiddies. We had to use some major self control to not walk out with a cart full of unnecessary purchases :).

Do you have a favorite Ikea purchase? If so please let me know!

p.s.- still working on the tradional nook


  1. I completely understand your stress level when it comes to IKEA. Ugh, that Atlanta store makes me want to break out in hives every time we go, probably because it is alwasy so crowded. It is definitely more fun to go when you don't have to bring your kids with you, I hope to try that sometime. ;P

  2. Rainy weekend + Atlanta + Ikea = mess. ;-) It was crazy many of the places we went! I have an all-wood bookcase that was quite cheap but still fairly well made and has been quite useful!!

  3. i love that play mat! you interested in selling it :) ?