Monday, January 4, 2010


2009 was an amazing year...we bought our first house, welcomed Annie into the world, celebrated the weddings of some of our bestest friends, I started a business, and the list could go on and on. God truly blessed my family this past year, and I can't wait to see wait 2010 holds for us.
Usually I don't make a new year's resolution, but this year I have a LIST of resolutions and my list keeps growing. Here are a few...

ORGANIZE my life....I am going to need LOTS of baskets and bins to accomplish this one.

REALLY get my business up and running. Having a precious baby has put my business on the back burner and this year I'm ready to truly focus on m.a.buzzell interiors!

To be a better blogger. The past couple of months The Buzz has been pretty pitiful. I'm determined to make this year a year full of inspiring and interesting post.

Cook at least one new recipe a week. I'm completely stuck in a rut right now with my cooking and it's time I step away from the same old chicken and rice dinners. Today, I made a super simple, healthy and very yummy tomato basil soup for lunch. Check out the recipe here.

Enjoy every second with Annie. Time is flying by so fast! It is just amazing how much she has grown and developed. I also want to keep up with her baby book...I'm really behind right now :(.

Last but not least, to go to church regularly and have quite time everyday. Once again, since I've had a baby, I find both of these things very hard to accomplish, BUT I have got to make them a priority in 2010.
2 families that are very close to me will be on the top of my prayer list this year and I hope that you will add them to yours too:
1. My dear friend Blake Shirley's dad, Gary, was diagnosed with a brain tumor over Christmas. Please pray that God will give him and his family the strength to fight this very tough battle and that He will heal him!
2. Reg's best friend growing up, Tommy and his wife Holli, are expecting a baby boy, Tommy in January. Three months into Holli's pregnancy they found out that baby Tommy has Dandy Walker Syndrome. Please pray for them and for a healthy baby boy. You can follow Holli's blog here.
Here is to a year full of health, wealth, happiness, and lots of love! Happy 2010

**Top 4 images from sarahleeab's Flikr photo stream, image 5 from House Beautiful, and the bottom image is from Picture This Photography**

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