Monday, February 1, 2010

Kmart Tray Table

Have you seen the March issue of House Beautiful. I just got mine today and it's AWESOME!! It made my week...maybe my month! I haven't even gotten past page 20 yet, but as I flipping through "The Best!" section my eyes where immediately drawn towards this tray table...Guess where it's from?!?

KMART!!! and it's on sale for $69.99. Love the fretwork and mirror top!! I think I've found what I want for valentines day. You can get it here.
I can't wait until Annie goes down for bed tonight so I can give my new HB issue my full attention. Happy reading!


  1. just saw a very similar tray table in the RSH catalog for $729- i am surprised by some of the items available online at KMart- my KMart sure does not have anything comparable

  2. I've seen this one posted on another blog=-- and still cannot believe it's from Kmart.