Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Monteagle Sunday School Assembly

Here is the Mounteagle post I promised you two weeks ago. Sorry it took so long! We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and spent most of our time sitting on the front porch enjoying the peace and quiet. We didn't have a porch swing but the rocking chairs suited us just fine.
My husband's mother grew up going to Mounteagle, which is basically summer camp for children and adults (kinda like Dirty Dancing). Last year was my first visit to the assembly and both visits were for only a night so I have yet to fully experience all Monteagle has to offer.
Here is a brief run down of what the assembly is all about...
The Mounteagle Sunday School assembly was established in 1882. It is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains about 5 miles from the Sewanee University campus in Tennessee. For 8 weeks out of the summer members and guest gather for fellowship and for spiritual and intellectual growth. There are lectures, classes and activities for people of all ages. It is truly summer camp for adults. It is the perfect escape from the crazy world we live in!
The house Reg's parents rented....

Where we wasted the day away

The gym

The oldest pool in TN...hasn't changed very much.

The dining hall

The chapel

The movie theater

We took a little adventure to Skeeters Junk and Antiques. There was mostly junk but we still had fun looking through all the old treasures.

I have seen these old sewing machine bases turned into console tables by adding a cool stone or wood top.

Love the wagon wheels

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  1. I went to college at Sewanee...LOVE the Monteagle Assembly!! My parents rented a house in the Assembly for my graduation and it was so much fun spending time there...especially on the wrap around porch.