Monday, August 3, 2009

Blue Hydrangea

My dear friend Sissy's blog, Blue Hydrangea, is one of my favorites and it is what inspired me to start my own blog. Sissy's eclectic style and impeccable eye for beautiful design make the blog well worth reading. It is smart, cute and funny (everything you need in a blog)! If you haven't added it to your favorites please do so NOW- !!

You will thank me later :).

I was a junior bridesmaid in Sissy's wedding over 10 years ago and her precious twins (the 2 blondes) where in my wedding. We go WAY back!


  1. Mary Allison:
    Thanks so much for the mention..are you ready for yours? Your blog is looking great! Don't know how you have time to do it with a brand new adorable baby!!

  2. I just found your blog through Blue Hydrangea, and it is beautiful!

  3. Saw you on Ble Hydrangea. Loving the blog! I have a pretty new one too, it's fun 7 addictive!