Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Power of a Pillow

It's amazing the power a pillow can have on a room. It can change the whole feel of a room and really brighten it up! It's a very budget friendly option to give an old sofa, chair or bed a new look. Here are a few pillows I'm loving right now...

Zenyatta Mondatta Pillow
Plum Cushion ..... I love Melanie's etsy shop (I know everyone and there brother have blogged about it) and she also has a blog.

Diamond Dog Pillow
Plum Cushion

Katsugi Linen Pillows
Plum Cushion

Twill Tape Stripe Pillow
West Elm

Orange Suzani Pillow

Francesca Green Pillow
Roberta Roller Rabbit ...this pillow would be perfect for a beach house and the price just right!

Amanda Orange Pillow

Pic Vert Needlepoint Pillow
William Sonoma Home

Safi Suzani Throw Pillow.... this one's for Sissy over at Blue Hydrangea. I know she loves this fabric and I do too!

Hedge Ball and Chain
Hable Construction .... I love Hable and want everything on their website!

Water Birds Pillow
Hable Construction

Galbraith and Paul Domino Pillow.... you new I had to have atleast one G&P pillow.

Galbraith an Paul Zinnia Pillow...this one is my all time fave! I heart Galbraith and Paul.

Zebra Pillow

Zebra Crewel Floor Cushion
Jute Braid Pillow...I love this pillow to use as a base and then throw a smaller, fun, patterned pillow in front of it....perfection! The price is nice too.
Have a great weekend!!! Annie and I are off to a play date at the park. We are loving this warm weather.


  1. Loving all the pillows but the Katsugi and of course the Suzani are my favs!! Knowing what that Kathryn Ireland fabric cost per yard that pillow is a deal!!!!

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