Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My Mom, Annie and I have been in Albany, GA the past 2 days packing up my Grandmother's house (my excuse for not posting). We are moving my Grandmother (we call her Lil) to an assisted living home in Atlanta, just minutes from both my house and my parents house. We are so excited that she is going to be so close by! We are now starting the process of packing up her home that she and my Grandfather built 55 years ago. In each drawer, cabinet, or closet we opened there were many treasures to be found and stories to be told.

Doesn't this look like a den straight from the pages of Domino....haha?!? Nope, this is Lil's den that hasn't changed a bit since 1955. This is true vintage! Don't' you love the smiley face pillows?!

How about this one?

Annie has dibs on all the silver! Don't overlook the beautiful orange shag carpet :).

Lil's measuring spoons were the perfect teething toy for Annie.

Here's a great pic of Lil and Annie, when little boo was 8 weeks old. Annie turned 8 months old yesterday (I can't believe it!!) and she is now way too much of a wiggle worm to sit in her Great Grandmother's lap (tear).

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  1. Mary Allison, How did I miss this post??!! Lil's house reminds me so much of Bama's!!! the wood paneling, the sofa, coffee is exactly like Mooresville!!! Glad she is going to be close to you!