Monday, August 9, 2010

Case Closed

WOW...never in my WILDEST dreams did I think that both Celerie Kemble and Christina Murphy would respond to my last post!! How I LOVE the blog world! THANK YOU Celerie and Christina for clearing things up. I greatly admire both or your work and I didn't mean to step on any toes with my little investigation :).
See comment below from Celerie and email from Christina....The case is now closed!!

Celerie said...
I just saw your post and thought I could probably set the record the straightest. Christina Murphy is a designer who oversaw and lead the project you are admiring while at Kemble Interiors. (We worked together happily for years. She remains one of my best friends and is now an admired colleague.) She is a fantastic designer -- as you can see by her site and deserves full credit for her excellent work especially on this project. In no way is she taking illicit credit for for something that was mine nor is there any sort mix up. I'm very happy to see such beautiful work celebrated on your site and thank you for your kind words about the book! Please keep up the great blogging! xo Celerie Kemble

Christina Murphy to me...
Hi There!
Thanks for including my work on your website from Sept House Beautiful, I'm so flattered.
The project you see in Oyster Bay is mine, I used to work with Celerie and let her include it in her book since I worked there but rest assured its entirely my own work.
Your blog is great, happy someone sent it to me!

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