Monday, June 21, 2010

Back to Reality

For the past 2 weeks, we have been living the good life at the beach and wedding hopping (we've had 3 weddings this month and have our last one this weekend...CrAzY!!). It has been so fun being constantly surrounded by family and friends and soaking up the sun. BUT reality sure does hit hard....loads & loads of laundry, a delinquent coffee table and damaged fabrics, a birthday party to plan and an anniversary to celebrate (3 years tomorrow!). If only there were more hours in a day!!

While we were at the beach, Annie officially started walking and I don't think she has sat down since. Baby girl is on the move and into EVERYTHING!! She is also turning ONE on Thursday!!We are having a small family get together (which ends up being 30 something people) to celebrate. It's going to be a very special day...if I can get my act together and start planning :).