Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My dear Grandmother, Lil, passed away last week. She lived an amazing 86 years and was truly one of a kind. Words can't express how much she'll be missed. This poem written by Holli Persall is an awesome tribute to Lil's life...

There was NO place like home!

When Lil opened her door,

You saw how she felt

About "1024".

The cards might be dealt

Or the onion dip made,

But one thing was sure.

"A spade was a spade."

If you asked for an answer,

She said what she thought.

Her advice and her wisdom

Could never be bought.

In her younger days-

When Tom was around,

Randy and Johnny

could also be found.

The dart board, the cocktails,

The music, the games.

That house was the hangout

For guys and for dames.

But then the time came

When Tom passed away,

And though she was stressed,

Lil welcomed each day.

Her boys had married

And moved out of town,

But she toughened right up

And never seemed down.

The grands made a difference,

And Annie- Oh Gee!

Just how proud -

Could a great grandma be?

Lil was a saver-

And could make you smile,

When she took every dollar

And stretched it a mile.

Even as her days

Began to fade,

The day a bill came

Was the day it was paid.

Tom would have been proud

Of his mate and his wife

As she read her Bible

Making the most of her life.

We will miss that gal

And the home that we knew,

With lots of good memories

And lessons learned too.

Lil's love of golf,

The Braves, "Dawgs", and state-

The slip of her tongue

The "bird portions" she ate-

Will all be our memories

But we do thank her so,

For she did us so proud,

And that--- we all know!

You might remember this post from last February when we were moving Lil to Atlanta...


My Mom, Annie and I have been in Albany, GA the past 2 days packing up my Grandmother's house (my excuse for not posting). We are moving my Grandmother (we call her Lil) to an assisted living home in Atlanta, just minutes from both my house and my parents house. We are so excited that she is going to be so close by! We are now starting the process of packing up her home that she and my Grandfather built 55 years ago. In each drawer, cabinet, or closet we opened there were many treasures to be found and stories to be told.

Doesn't this look like a den straight from the pages of Domino....haha?!? Nope, this is Lil's den that hasn't changed a bit since 1955. This is true vintage! Don't' you love the smiley face pillows?!

How about this one?

Annie has dibs on all the silver! Don't overlook the beautiful orange shag carpet :).

Lil's measuring spoons were the perfect teething toy for Annie.
Here's a great pic of Lil and Annie, when little boo was 8 weeks old. Annie turned 8 months old yesterday (I can't believe it!!) and she is now way too much of a wiggle worm to sit in her Great Grandmother's lap (tear).

Love you Lil!!