Thursday, July 9, 2009

Galbraith and Paul

Galbraith and Paul fabrics are my ABSOLUTE favorite! The fabrics are all hand block printed on a variety of grounds and in a ton of AWESOME patterns and colors. They also hand block print pendant lighting and have a line of hand tufted rugs. You have to check out their website to learn more Unfortunately, they are available to the trade only but Room & Board does sell some of their pillows and lighting

Fabrics are made to order in the Galbraith and Paul studio in Philadelpia, PA.

I would love to use this pattern in Annie's big girl room.
Pattern- Flower Power in Pink

Love this pattern- Zinnia in Sky

Doesn't this look familiar?? It is the background of my title!
Pattern- Citrus in Silver

My bestest friend Ansley was kind enough to give me about a 1 1/2 yards of the sweet pea fabric that she had left over. I made 2 20" pillows out of it and love them!! I would die to get my hands on some more of this fabric.

Here are a few installations all compliments of

These pendant lights are sooo cool!!

LOVE the rugs too.

Feel free to contact me if anything interests you!


  1. I love their fabrics! I have a memo of tulip in frost that I pine over every day, but I don't need 5 yards - gotta hate that 5 yard minimum!