Friday, July 24, 2009

Annie's 1 Month Checkup

Annie had her 1 month checkup today and everything went well (minus Annie screaming bloody murder when they gave her the Hepatitis B shot). She now weighs 9 pounds 12 ounces and is 22 1/2" long. She is in the 75th percentile in weight and the 90th percentile in height! Reg and I both are blown away by this considering I am 5'1 and he is 5'6!! Not sure where she is getting the height from. She is going to be looking down on both of us before we know it. She is just PERFECT and we love her more than anything!!

Her little face is filling out so much and her arms and legs are starting to look like the Michelin Man. I LOVE it!!

I told you she is long! Super Annie!


  1. I think she got her height from my side of the family!! And you are right, she is perfect!!

  2. She is so long! I can't believe she already had her one month check-up, she looks amazing though...perfect is right!