Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Another month has come and gone and Annie is now 11 months old. It's been a busy month and Annie has grown and developed by leaps and bounds!

She can stand on her own for a LONG time now, but no first steps yet.

She loves being outside and helping daddy in the garden.

She had her last music class today until the fall. Over the past 16 weeks, she's learned so much and loves tapping her sticks although they usually end up in her mouth.
She cheered on daddy at his softball game!

She laughs A LOT... I think she might be the most ticklish baby in the world.

Eating might be one of her favorite activities. We rarely find a food she doesn't like and she insist on feeding herself...this leads to a very messy baby.
It's so hard to believe that Annie will be ONE next month....I'm in shock and need to start planning her party. Better get to work!

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